Commercial vehicle routing, maps, and revenue platform

Truck GPS Navigation

Truck-safe turn-by-turn routing and navigation app with real-time traffic, low clearance and weight restriction alerts, and local facility directions.

Trusted by 1 Million+ Truckers

Our driver community helps maintain map data quality, with updates on truck restrictions, facility reviews, and real-time parking updates.

Driver Dispatch

Automated driver dispatch with live tracking, appointment window and scheduling integration, and delivery exception alerts.

Turn-by-turn routing app for trucks

Truck Restrictions

Our commercial routing engine avoids restricted roads, low height clearances, vehicle weight limits, and HAZMAT restrictions. It also intelligently optimizes the number of turns in a route, and avoids residential areas.

Local Facility Directions

Route to the truck access road or entrance, not the address’s front door. Our community also provides locations of loading docks, local hazards, and dozens of other local facility attributes.

Traffic & Navigation Alerts

Our vehicle routing uses traffic and vehicle slowdown data, which is updated every 10 minutes. We can optionally alert drivers about changing upcoming traffic if the carrier’s or broker’s “out of route miles” policy allows it.

Route Aware Tracking

Most driver tracking only includes a history of a blue dot moving along a map. TruckMap ties the route the vehicle is taking and can be proactive with upcoming slowdowns or additional stops needed before the destination.

Truck road restrictions and alerts

Truck Weight Limits

Truck Height Limits

Commercial Vehicle Restrictions

Reduced Vehicle Speeds

“No Through Trucks”

Tunnels & HAZMAT

Steep Inclines & Declines

High Rollover Turns

Road Surface Types

Fleet management features to manage drivers and grow revenue

Driver Scheduling & Dispatch

Fleet managers and dispatchers can manage driver schedules and planned routes, with appointment windows connected to our real-time GPS tracking to help avoid exceptions. We also plug into available freight broker inventory to help surface profitable opportunities to keep your drivers on the road.

Turn-By-Turn Driver GPS App

All fleet management software is connected directly to our free driver GPS app which provides turn-by-turn directions and is optimized for the unique needs of truckers.

Connected Services Marketplace

Our software is connected to a variety of partners to help drivers and carriers maximize profit, including an automated freight booking recommendation engine, discounted fuel card options, reservable parking, specialized insurance options, freight factoring, and a flexible QuickPay payment solution.