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Accurate local pinpoints at shipping facilities.

Local facility directions from the TruckMap community. Find location-specific facility details like truck entrances, access roads, loading docks, and more on our interactive facility map.

Truck Entrance & Exit

Save time by driving straight to the truck entrance.

Truck Access Roads

Locate any facility access roads needed for trucks.

Guard Shack & Check-in

Know where to go before a loading dock is assigned.

Loading Docks

Quickly find the loading dock once it's assigned.

On-site Hazards

Be aware of any dangerous conditions at the facility.

Helpful truck-specific alerts for planning ahead.

Our navigation and route planning platform is built for trucks, not passenger vehicles. We know the needs of commercial vehicle drivers vary greatly while out on the road, so we supply real-time data on truck restrictions, hours of service regulations, and truck-specific amenities.

There is a 6% decline in approximately 1.5mi.

Truck Restrictions

Truck-specific routing and navigation for commercial vehicles helps drivers avoid low bridge clearances, weight limits, residential areas, and restricted roads. Customizable vehicle attributes like length, weight, height, and trailer type allow for specific, accurate directions.

Hours of Service Regulations

Find the perfect spot for HOS rest breaks or off-duty time along the route, or while waiting before a dock appointment window with dozens of filterable trucking amenities and community-updated parking availability.

Truck Parking Availability

Good overnight truck parking fills up fast—our driver community helps keep over 400,000 parking spots updated 24/7. Most truck parking locations have several updates per hour, and we even list reservable spaces for drivers in a pinch.

Weigh Station Status

Automatically see if a weigh station is open or closed. Drivers and dispatchers can also check a historical summary while planning trips to estimate any route delays or disruptions.

Comprehensive driver reviews at over 1 million trucking facilities.

A driver needs to see more than just a multi-star rating. TruckMap asks important questions to surface relevant, specific information about a facility, so drivers know exactly what to expect.

Customer Parking & Restroom Availability

Drivers can report whether they were allowed to park overnight or early at a facility before their appointment window, as well as whether restrooms or a waiting area are available during downtime.

Complete “Time To Service” Freight

Understanding how long a driver will be at a facility is about much more than just detention. We break this down into time spent checking in, waiting for a dock assignment, loading & unloading, and checking out so drivers know where they might run into problems before getting back on the road.

Loading & Unloading Experience

Drivers can report friendly and professional service level, paperwork issues, dock accessibility, appointment requirements (and if rescheduling or a late work-in is available), and whether early loading or unloading is an option.

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