Connected freight marketplace with over 1.4m drivers

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Allow approved carriers to bid and book freight with (optionally) no human touchpoints.

Load Tendering

Send automated digital Rate Confirmation docs for drivers and carriers.

Carrier Onboarding

Automate carrier authorization, tax, and insurance document collection.

Load Tracking

Free load tracking and real-time driver ETA updates at facilities to reduce shipment exceptions.

Driver Load Tracking

Real-time Truck ETAs

No more check calls, guessing where freight is, or wondering when it’s going to show up at the customer’s facility. Our tracking is built on our truck-optimized GPS driver app, which pulls in commercial vehicle routes, truck restrictions, and real-time ETAs.

Freight Exception Automation

If an appointment window has been specified for a pickup or dropoff, we can proactively notify the broker if a driver will arrive outside of the window. We’re also working on integrating with dock scheduling software, so those appointments can be updated without any emails or phone calls.

Network Capacity Visibility

Knowing where the available freight capacity is right now is certainly valuable, but knowing where the empty trucks will be tomorrow before they’ve arrived is even better.

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