Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the app cost?

The app is free for drivers. We will be charging Shippers and Brokers to access the platform in the future.

Is there a desktop version?

The app is only available as a mobile app. We are actively developing a web platform for route planning and carrier/fleet support.

How can I download the app?

Here is the link to the Apple iOS Version, and here is a link to the Android Version.

Are the routes for large semi-trailer trucks?

Yes – the app accounts for low bridge clearances, weight limits, and restricted residential roads. You can adjust your vehicle’s profile in the settings area of the app.

How can I change my trip’s starting location?

Improved trip planning is next on our product roadmap, it will be available soon.

Is the app available in Canada, Australia, or anywhere outside the US?

Not at this time.

Does this work on tablets?

We are expect to have a dedicated Android/iPad tablet version available around the end of 2019. The app will still work on tablets today, but is optimized for phone screen sizes.

Is there a developer API?

We will be allowing third-party mobile apps to “deep link” to truck routes and location results. Please email if you are an app developer looking for this.

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